3 Ways to Solve All Your Lash Problems

You can do this!

Not everyone is blessed with Kardashian-level lashes (okay, let's be honest; not even those ladies sport au naturale sets). Most of us need a little boost. But if you don't have 20 extra minutes to painstakingly affix falsies on the daily or prefer not to shell out $$$ for extensions, there's still hope for you. Here, makeup artist Vincent Oquendo shows you how. With a few of his tricks up your sleeve and a tube of Revlon mascara, you might have 99 problems, but your fringe ain't one.

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The Problem: Skimpy, Sparse Lashes

The Solution: A little thin in the lash department? "Batter your lashes," Oquendo says. (You heard the man.) What he means is to apply translucent powder, like Revlon PhotoReady Translucent Powder, between coats of mascara, bulking up your eyelashes. It's an age-old but still not widely used pro technique aptly dubbed "tempura lashes." We like Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara, which features a thickening formula and chubby brush to build body, but the battering step takes the whole look to the next level. Do a final comb-through to distribute any clumps from the powder—or don't, and sport fashion-forward chunky lashes.

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The Problem: Vertically-Challenged Lashes

The Solution: If you're working with short, stubby fringe, the quickest way to send lashes to new heights is to rotate your wand, Oquendo says. After brushing through lashes with Revlon Super Length Mascara, which has a lengthening formula plus long bristles to extend everything you've got, wait a couple minutes for the stuff to dry, then hold the wand vertically and create a flare effect: Work it through lashes in the outer corners, using the tapered tip to reach the tiniest hairs.

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The Problem: Stick Straight Lashes

The Solution: Make stick-straight lashes bend at your will. First, warm your eyelash curler with a quick blast of your hairdryer (test it against your wrist to make sure it's not too hot). Clamp at the roots and hold for 10 seconds, then gradually work it out to the tips, clamping as you go. To ensure you don't lose that freshly-formed C-shape, immediately apply curl-enhancing, lengthening and volumizing Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara as usual, and wriggle extra mascara into the base of your lashes to set them for the day. Boom: no more curl problems.

This article was created in partnership with Revlon as part of the Turn On Your Look campaign.

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