Super-Sweet Holiday Gifts for Couples

Got a couple of couples on your list? Or are you half of one? Either way, since this gift counts double, it may just be the trickiest one you'll buy this season. Here, our ideas for what'll make any duo happy.


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    Lark Un-Alarm Clock

    This gift will help you and your partner perform better in bed, but not in the way you (dirty-mindedly) think. Perfect for couples with different sleep schedules, this patent-pending vibrating wristband syncs up with your iPhone to gently and naturally nudge the early riser awake without ever disturbing their bedmate's REM cycle with the "REEE-REEE-REEE" jolt from a traditional alarm clock. Plus, the system's Sleep Tracker app helps the wrist sensor pick up on your patterns to report back on your quality of ZZZs. $99 at Lark.
    Courtesy of Lark
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