Most Famous Fake Orgasms

What does an orgasm look like? If you believe Hollywood, there's screaming, fist-pounding, and liberal taking of the Lord's name in vain. Here, our favorite movie O's.


Jane Fonda's campy 1968 sci-fi comic-book heroine is placed in the Excessive Machine, meant to pleasure her to death. (She survives.)
Everett Collection

When Harry Met Sally

The gold standard of on-screen orgasms, Meg Ryan's 1989 performance in a New York City deli proved to every guy in America that, yes, women fake it.
Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Kristen Bell fools no one in a shrieking attempt to make her ex (in the next room) jealous in this 2008 hit. Russell Brand found it "deeply upsetting." We were just embarrassed.

The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl's type-A producer catches a buzz when her vibrating panties go on the fritz in the 2009 comedy. Surprisingly, the icy Heigl nails it. It's always the quiet ones.
Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection
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