Tastemaker Tips for Flawless Holiday Entertaining

With the holidays upon us, it seems the stress of party planning is on everyone's mind. No need to freak out as we have plucked the industry's top professionals to make sure you are the hostess with the mostess. Read on for all the inside secrets to make sure your guests will eat, drink, and be more than merry. Cheers!


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    David Tutera - Leading Wedding & Entertaining Expert

    David Tutera has captured the heart of America hosting WE's My Fair Wedding and is widely known as a celebrity wedding planner, bridal fashion designer, and author, but when it comes to holiday decor Tutera may surprise you with nature's best.

    "You don't want your home to feel like a cheesy Christmas mall installation, you want it to be unique and full of your own personal style! Your holiday decor will work best if it works with your regular home asthetic so find ways to tie them together," says Tutera.

    Tip #1: Add natural elements from your backyard to an already "shabby chic" tablescape. This is one of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays as it's both rustic and elegant!Fallen branches, evergreen boughs, strips of bark, pinecones, birch tree rings, or holy sprigs mixed with an abundance of candles and it creates the perfect cozy holiday atmosphere.

    Tip #2: For a slightly less natural touch, spray paint branches white or coat in sparkly metallic gold and silver glitter for a clean, monotone look.

    Tip #3: When planning your party, think about how you can speak to each of the senses. Mix different but complimentary fabrics, such as warm wool, fluffy shearling, and coarse burlap, throughout your centerpiece, linens, place settings, and even the throw pillows on your couch to play with texture.

    Tip #4: Create homemade potpourri, by leaving apple cider gently simmering on the stove with cloves, cinnamon, orange rind, and nutmeg--it will give your home a wonderful seasonal scent.

    Tip #5: A great holiday soundtrack is key; create a custom one that combines classic holiday tunes, quirky covers of old favorites, and top 40 hits that everyone knows.

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