Because it's not an awards ceremony without Taylor's metallic dresses and amazing arm dancing.

1. Taylor let loose during the Bey and Jay performance of "Drunk In Love," kicking off a night of front-row white girl dancing.

2. Taylor's dramatic re-enactment of the now-legendary Golden Globes J-Law photobomb. #lawrencing

3. Taylor's pre-show finger-crossing.

4. Taylor whipped her hair during her performance of "All Too Well."

5. Another angle of the hair-whipping. Her chiropractor's about to make enough to send his youngest kid to private school.

6. I MEAN, this.


7. More dancing, this time to Kendrick Lamar. Note that a spotlight follows Tay-Tay wherever she goes. Probably even into the bathroom.

8. She was really going for it.

9. T-Swizzle's reaction to Kacey Musgraves' win.

10. And the penultimate fake-out during Album Of The Year, when Taylor thought that her album Red had won for a second ("Rrrrrrrrrrrandom Access Memories!")

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