Taylor Swift Made Fun of Miley Cyrus Last Night


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Jimmy Fallon's recurring Tonight Show skit "Ew!" first won our hearts when Michelle Obama gave us this moment:

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...So we were excited to see the first lady of pop music, aka Taylor Swift, become the latest celebrity to take on the challenge of playing a nerdy middle schooler. Last night, the singer transformed into Natalie Benson, a 13-year-old with an allergy problem and a vaguely random appreciation for Sean Connery:

It's about as silly as this skit usually is, though the writers managed to slip in a pretty clever "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" reference that we probably should have seen coming. And Taylor (ahem, sorry, Natalie) even manages to throw a jab at a certain other starlet, saying "My mom hasn't let me watch television since Miley Cyrus toured." (In case we need a reminder of how wholesome Taylor Swift is.) (Zing!)

Plus, watching otherwise perfectly polished celebrities sporting the tragic outfits of our tweendom—and braces? Never gets old.

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