MC Cheatsheet: How to Order Wine & Louis Vuitton Tattoos

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Jihan: "How to decode a fancy wine list. TGIF. Now get your drink on." [The Awl]

Katie: "Marc Jacobs's tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, covers male models in Louis Vuitton logos for men's fashion week — so hardcore." [High Snobiety]

Erin: "I'm obsessing over this hunting cabin a woman remodeled and made into a gorgeous, all-white Victorian cottage." [NY Times]

Lauren: "Do you have self-confidence, but lack self-esteem? Do you even know the difference??" [Psychology Today]

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Sophia: "With all the recent news around Americans sodium-ing ourselves to death, I felt very virtuous skipping my pickle with lunch today. Check out this list of five unexpected foods packed with salt for a few less obvious places to cut back." [NPR]

Jessica: "Here's a shout-out to all you summer interns out there." [McSweeney's]

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