Emilia Wickstead is widely known for her association with the British First Lady and her spring 2014 collection affirmed why she demands such stately recognition. From the alluring lemon-hued suit jackets layered on top of soft pink drop-hem gowns to turquoise and tangerine striped dresses, Wickstead played with her 1950s signature style and turned it into a contemporary woman's dream. Models in high-waisted Bermuda shorts and A-line skirts marched to the beat of the rhythm and blues music playing in the background, coupling both the style and times together. While the bright and dainty box-shaped bags from designer Mark Cross were an impeccable accessory choice, it was the end of the collection that really stole the day—closing with a series of piano printed, silk garments was the perfect fit to Wickstead's tale.

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Photos Credit: Nausheen Shah

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