The fashion set gathered outside Bergdorf Goodman on Tuesday night awaiting what was promised to be a true New York spectacle.

If you've seen the documentary Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's, then you are familliar with the year-long, labor-intensive project that is the Bergdorf's holiday windows. And this year, the store decided to reveal what many consider works of art with a spectacular public event for the first time.

Onlookers gazed skyward as a Brooklyn-based acrobatic troupe, STREB Extreme Action Company, descended the iconic Fifth Avenue building. We're talking dancers standing at 90 degree angles, making it seem as though the facade of the building was the street, and dancing down the building. And yes, they even threw glitter and sparkles on the crowd as they made their way to the street.

The theme for this year's windows is "Holidays on Ice," in which Bergdorf's creative team, led by David Hoey, re-imagined holidays throughout the year in snowy environments.

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