Best of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days

Even a year ago, we knew that Ukraine had a unique fashion scene. We decided to make the long trek to Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days to see what people were wearing and what top designers are making international waves.


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    Anton Belinskiy

    Backstage, it seemed as if young designer Anton Belinksiy was going to war as he jumped up and down and clasped his hands before unleashing his troop of polished streetwear-wearing and cornrow-coiffed samurai down the runway. The looks took on a geisha-warrior theme: a kimono that was color-blocked in salmon and black, a white knee-length jacket with a tiered collar of squares, high sport socks, and trainers tied at the ankles. Softer looks included short black circle skirts spliced with gold leather, while heads were topped with wide brim hats. One model marched down the runway in a belted, sparkling evening robe as if she was preparing for a black-tie battle  a battle that Belinskiy won, no contest.


    Runway: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days; Instagram: Courtesy of Liana Satenstein
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