Never has it been easier to visit a famed Moroccan souk with just one quick click. Even cooler, stylish faces like actress Dianna Agron and rapper Theophilus London are bringing the bazaar's goods straight you.

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Dianna Agron in the souk

L-atitude, a shopping-meets-exotic destination E-commerce platform, is the definition of your next best travel deal. L-atitude brings you a shopping experience curated by top tastemakers who travel around the world to nook boutiques and exotic marketplaces to pick out the coolest foreign finds, deliverable right to your home.

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The wonders of the souk

In L-atitude's most recent trip, it teamed up with Imports from Marrakesh to send several stylemakers on a trip to Marrakesh's famed Medina for an experience filled with embroidered caftans, colorful babouche slippers, and vintage jewelry. The products from the editorial style shopping trip will soon be available for purchase as well – L-atitude readers will be able to literally "shop the souk" by going to

Click here to see the whole Marrakesh experience!

Check out photos of stylemaker influencers such as Zoe Kazan, Mamie Gummer, Sabine Heller, and Theophilus London and their adventures in the Marrakesh souk below.

Dianna Agron and Mamie Gummer

Zoe Kazan, Rightor Doyle, and Mamie Gummer

Shopping the exquisite Killim wool rugs of Marrakesh

Colorful Moroccan glass

Sabine Heller from ASMALLWORLD

Theophilus London and the souk crew

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