Clements Ribeiro Creates Plus Size Collection with Evans

London fashion brand to watch, Clements Ribeiro, has teamed up with Evans to design a a standout collection for full-figured women. Marie Claire has the US exclusive.


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    Graceful as a Swan

    What can we look forward to with the AW12 Clements Robeiro for Evans range?
    The Fall range is more fashion confident than the first one, as we gained experience and momentum. It is much closer to our current work at our own range. There are quite a few sophisticated options, a few of which are versions of dresses we created for Adele. Prints and colors are really directional — all in all, the range has grown in fashion and quality content. We are very excited about it.

    Prices range from $70 - $160.

    Pansy Printed X Front Dress, $112

    Courtesy of Clements Ribeiro
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