Fashion Tutorial: Hats, Headbands, Bandanas and More


BEGINNER $18.50 , J.Crew; Looks like a scarf first like a headband. The wider the better, as it can be worn over the hairline for a super-fresh take on a retro style.
Jeff Harris


INTERMEDIATE $84, Colette Malouf; (888) 774-2424. Arts-and-crafts appliqu and whimsical floral hardly restrain locks but do accent a modern, romantic updo. A few strands falling here and there look divine.


ADVANCED $58, Marc by Marc Jacobs; (323) 653-0100. Tied in the back, its Axl Rose. In front, its 20s It girl. Sturdier fabrics, like quilted cotton or denim, are best as keeping their shape.
Jeff Harris


GRAD SCHOOL $17.50, American Eagle Outfitters; Cant get enough layering? Slap a cap on top of a funky scarf-either left loose or knotted. Mix it up: metallics with neutrals, florals with white.
Jeff Harris
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