The 10 Trendiest Cocktails of 2015, According to the Internet

Pour it up.

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If your New Year's Eve celebration (and the subsequent hangover you're probably still nursing) is any indication, Americans are big consumers of alcohol. And while a flute of champagne (or two, or twenty…) may be the standard drink for December 31, the rest of the year seems to inspire even more festive alcohol options.

Google released a list of the ten most popular cocktail searches for 2015, featuring a range of fruity, colorful beverages from sangria to daiquiris—plus a few classics that never fall out of favor. See the full list of the past year's trendiest libations below:

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10. Daiquiri

a daiquiri a day keeps the doctor away

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9. Sex on the Beach

8. Aviation

7. Mojito

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6. Margarita

5. Long Island Iced Tea

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4. Cosmopolitan

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3. Gimlet

2. Moscow Mule

Mule Mania...

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1. Sangria

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