What You Need to Know About French Wines

Keep this cheat sheet from Matt Lilien, founder of Wine Wala advising company, in your purse.


Tastes Like: Tropical fruits, with a buttery finish

Pair It With: Pork, chicken, seafood, strong cheeses

Pinot Grigio (Gris)

Tastes Like: Lemons, green apples, pears

Pair It With: Salads, light fish, light cheeses, white pizza

Sauvignon Blanc

Tastes Like: Citrus, tropical fruits, herbs, gooseberries

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Pair It With: Salads, vegetables, fish


Tastes Like: Apples, pears, flowers, minerals

Pair It With: Fish, cheeses, chicken, light appetizers, desserts (for sweet Riesling)


Tastes Like: Lychees, spices, flowers

Pair It With: Asian foods, spicy foods, strong cheeses

Cabernet Sauvignon

Tastes Like: Cassis, black currants, herbs, cedar

Pair It With: Beef, lamb, stews


Tastes Like: Black cherries, plums, spices

Pair It With: Lamb shank, duck, sausage

Pinot Noir

Tastes Like: Cherries, strawberries, spices, flowers

Pair It With: Salmon, tuna, pork


Tastes Like: Blackberries, black pepper, spices

Pair It With: Chicken, BBQ, curries, stews

Need French recipes to go with your French wines? Go to Country Living's French Food Recipes page.

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