4 No-Heat Hairstyles to Try

You'd be totally surprised at how easy — and glamorous! — it can be to give your locks a vacation from your blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron. We spoke to Adrienne, Academy Director of The Drawing Room New York, to get some expert tips on four of this season's hippest au naturale hairstyles to try. Read on for her professional pointers, and see how our favorite celebs are rocking these trends!


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    Chic Ponytail

    We can all agree: there's nothing quite as timeless as a basic ponytail. "From this season's fashion trends, I've noticed more low ponytails than high ones," says Saczko. "One way you can give the pony an ultrachic look is to give your hair a deep-set part or a double-part, parting in a "v" shape, starting at the front to the back, and brush the ponytail so it's nice and smooth. Because we're dealing with a very simple, low ponytail, it's fun to play up the part so you can give it a different look."
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