How Socially Savvy Perfume Gets Made

Eco-chic supermodel Angela Lindvall travels to Uganda to meet the women who give life to a sustainable perfume.


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    Message in a Bottle

    Angela Lindvall is more than your average front woman for DKNY's first sustainable perfume project. Tall, freckly, and gorgeous, sure (like most supermodels!), she's also a serious environmentalist with a passion for women's causes. "I'm not an all-or-nothing radical environmentalist — I believe in small steps that lead to big changes," she explains.

    She couldn't have been more pleased with PureDKNY, a perfume backed by ambitiously responsible choices on all fronts: It's served up in 100 percent recyclable glass bottles and compostable boxes, and the signature ingredient is sustainably farmed Ugandan vanilla. ("Already, this has helped drive up the price of the crop, so the farmers are earning more," enthuses Lindvall.) What's more, DKNY has partnered with humanitarian group CARE to implement the Village Savings & Loan Association (VSLA), microfinance programs that teach the vanilla farmers (60 percent of whom are women) to borrow money and manage their businesses.

    Michelly Rall/Getty Images
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