Hairstyles & Cuts for Women

The Prettiest Hair Color Trends of 2017

Please proceed to your nearest hair salon in an orderly fashion.

6 Hairstyles That Contour Round Faces
If, of course, you're into the whole lookin'-ridiculously-good thing…
The Best Celebrity Brunette Colors

Now the hardest part will be settling on just one.

25 Dark Brown Hair Colors That Give Us Dye Envy

These brunettes definitely have more fun.

The Best Highlights for Dark Brown Hair
And they're all zero maintenance, because we know how much you hate …
Ready to *finally* find your ideal haircut? This is your ultimate resource! Oh, and if you're looking to switch up your color, behold: Everything you need to get the hottest hair color in 2017.
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Got a Heart-Shaped Face? This Is the Hairstyle That Flatters You Best

Because you've apparently been doing it wrong your whole life.

50 Amazing Curly Hairstyles That Are All About That Texture

Let's talk about enhancing, rather than taming, those curls.

35 Layered Haircuts and Hairstyles to Copy Immediately

Where's a mermaid emoji when you need one?

The 55 Chicest Lobs of the Year

A tribute to the cut that works on everyone.

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60 Medium-Length Hairstyles to Steal from Celebrities

The Goldilocks of every cut and style, right this way.

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6 Easy Braids You Can Do in Literally 60 Seconds

You can do them here or there; you can do them anywhere.

12 Celebrities Who Prove Straight Hair Has Risen From the '00s Dead

Taylor may not be able to come to the phone right now, but these hairstyles can.

The Khloé Kardashian Hair Lookbook: Her 20 Best Styles Ever

The truth—that she might have the best hair in the family—is out there.