Why Do YOU Look at Boys?

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Lovely readers:

Over the weekend, I was flipping through a fetchingly pink book of 100 love poems written by young American poets when I came across a hilarious and sweet little ditty that I thought I'd share ... Yes. A "poem"! But it's incredibly easy on the eyes. A breeze to read, and you'll like it, I promise. (I bolded the best bits.)


By Christian Langworthy

I look at girls as an act of escapism

while reading books at Barnes & Noble

on the death of poetry. I look at girls

because I think Darryl Hannah was perfect

in the role of a cave woman.

I look at girls especially when I have my beer

goggles on.
I look at girls for ideological reasons

I have yet to ponder. I look at girls

when Baywatch isn't on.

I look at girls left exposed by the fall

of the "Iron Curtain" & I look

jealously at the half-a-billion comrades

lusting after Chairman Mao behind the Great China Wall,

but most of all, I look at girls as I am an agent

for the CIA. I look at girls who check out other men.

I look at girls who lust after girls. I look at girls though

sometimes I am frightened to death after

taking my beer goggles off.
I look at girls

for intellectual reasons, correlating Marxism,

gender, & Colonialism from Mary Wollstonecraft

to Jamaica Kincaid. I look at girls despite

the fact that Molly Ringwald can't act. I look

at girls based on the recommendation of my therapist

who says I need to break out of my shyness

maybe next year.
I look at girls ever since I dated

an American Gladiator known in the business as "Ice"

who likes to beat people up. I look at girls

to get back at City Hall for closing down

PeepWorld. I look at girls who return my glance

because I am a sensitive, considerate man.

I look at girls in Hollywood

even if they're on Heidi Fleiss' payroll.

I look at girls who study the paintings of

Van Gogh, Bonnard, Matisse,

and some other famous guys I can only remember

with the help of a Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art

I look at girls who read Rousseau,

Locke, and Rawls and then again, I look at girls who

aren't cross-eyed after reading Rawls, Locke,

& Rousseau. I look at girls when no one

else looks at them because I am a sensitive, considerate

man. I look at girls who aren't really girls,

but never for more than a second

& never twice. I look at girls on film.

I look at girls who grow older.

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*from Isn't It Romantic: 100 Love Poems by Younger American Poets

This of course begs the question: What makes YOU look at a guy, or a girl?

For me, it's often groovy glasses ... or great sneakerware ... or definitely if he's reading a good book. Toting a camera also helps.


PS: My friend Chris called me out on yesterday's post, saying he could not abide by my giving top honors to Belle+Sebastian and The Shins. But did he have some other suggestions about which bands trump them? No, he did not! If YOU have them, I might be willing to hear them. ... And I forgot to mention we have our own indie-rocker, right here in our midst: one of my loyal readers, Rod, is a musician himself! ... Also, I'm still waiting for one of you guys to hook me up with Spencer Krug. Come on, dudes!

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