The Power of Negative Thinking: A Good Idea?


Yesterday, I was telling you about how I'd contacted Mr. Tweed Jeans: the dude whom I met at a party the weekend before Halloween, with whom I had a rather lively and quite long conversation before I announced I was leaving ... when he did NOT announce that he wanted my number.

But, because he and Ruby Finch had exchanged contact information--because she'd offered to help him in his job search--I did know his email address. So I sent him a note, inviting him at the last-minute to have dinner with Ruby, myself and a couple of our guy friends at a new restaurant. (You can read the email here.)

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Here's what he wrote back:


Delightful to hear from you. And I assure you that any
perceived attempt to purloin your dear umbrella was purely an innocent
mistake. I was quite happy to make it home that night with my own
umbrella safely intact, which is never a small feat. So, suffice it to
say, I know how important said devices are to their owners.

you for the invite to the festive evening. Sounds like quite the salon.
Unfortunately I have other plans this evening, so I won't be able to
join. But please give my best to the group and keep me abreast of other
opportunities to engage in wonk-talk and meet guys named josh.

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Be well.

* * * * *

When I got the note, I grumbled to Ruby: "I'm sure he spent a good 45 minutes with a thesaurus before he came up with the word purloin."

Now, obviously, this is a total blow-off. And I don't really care--like I said, I felt like I really didn't have much to lose. But the one question I have is this:

Why put so much effort into a note (as he clearly did) when you're just blowing someone off?

* * * *

My other thought--which I may expound upon next week--is this:

Maybe I should start channeling the POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING.

Which is to say that maybe if I start telling myself, "Hey, I'm not that great--not that pretty, not that charismatic, not that captivating. So I might as well just live large, do whatever I feel like doing, and have NO EXPECTATIONS that I will ever find love or happiness. And then if it does happen ... bonus! And if it doesn't, I won't be constantly disappointed."





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