5 Excuses Women Use To Explain Their Behavior

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Most men claim that their quest for the perfect girl is essentially a quest for a girl who isn't that crazy.

I used to think that guys were just kidding about women being insane. But now, I'm less inclined to think that way.

Upon reflection, I've realized that true insanity can only be determined by the rationalization offered in its defense. Below are the five most common reasons I've found that women offer to explain their mean or crazy behavior. Sure, admitting you were acting crazy means you're aware of your actions, and thereby not so crazy. But when your reasons for acting that way are irrational, then like it or not, I think you just come off as even more insane.

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She Was Hungry

Something happens to women when they get hungry: They mutate into evil, cranky beings. In fact, many women I've dated have completely broken down immediately after the onset of hunger. But what baffles me is that even though a woman may be low on energy and dysfunctional while hungry, she still manages to find the strength to lash out.

She Was Tired

For some reason, when the gal I'm with is tired, everything I say suddenly becomes annoying and every joke I make falls flat. What's the deal?

She Was PMSing

No questions asked, if a man blames anything on PMS, he gets in trouble. But if a woman blames something on PMS, the man gets in trouble for not accepting it as a valid excuse. I know we can't control our hormones, so I guess I understand where this one's coming from. But I'm still scared when a woman is on a PMS tear. One night I was at a girl's place and I heard stuff flying in the other room — her roommate was clearly throwing things at her boyfriend. I asked what was going on and the girl I was with casually said, without looking up: "She's just PMSing." I wish we could harness this energy and anger of PMSing women for the power of good.

She Couldn't Find Anything To Wear

I remember getting my butt kicked because the girl I was seeing couldn't find anything to wear. If you ask me, "I can't find anything to wear" is the woman's ultimate excuse, and it seems (to her) to be a perfect justification for why she was mean. It basically puts a guy on notice that crankiness, meanness and insanity can come out nowhere like a summer storm.

She Was Stressed Because It Her Birthday

Why do women feel so overwhelmed by their birthdays? I was watching the Bethenny Show on Bravo (I admit it), and I watched her stress about her birthday for an entire episode, only to spend the majority of her actual birthday party crying in the bathroom. (Guess this is the extreme interpretation of "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to?").

So do you think these are women's craziest moments — and that these excuses are valid? What have you used to explain your mean/crazy behavior? What would you add to the list?

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