How to Watch Sports With Your Man

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One conflict rears its ugly head in many men's lives: sports versus significant other. It's understandable that a woman might feel like second fiddle to her boyfriend's sports obsession. With a few quick etiquette tips, though, women can figure out how with their guy's life during sports seasons.

We love a gal who truly loves sports. When a woman caters her schedule around her beloved team, it's real. My best girlfriend from college is a Steelers fan who not only caught every game, but also vented frustration with little known Steeler backup players. These kinds of women are welcome additions to a group of sports viewers.

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But if a woman tries too hard, we'll see right through it. Fringe fans flock to teams like the New York Yankees because they're trendy. A woman who roots honestly for random teams like the Buffalo Bills, Northwestern Wildcats, or Kansas City Royals is much more respected among males. We notice when women come out of the woodwork to support a team in the playoffs, or to follow a crowd.

My friend Margaret was a Washington Redskins fan when we first met. After she started dating my friend, she suddenly became a Baltimore Ravens fan. Keep in mind, a Washington to Baltimore jump, or vice versa, is extremely rare...and quite inexcusable, regardless of your gender.

If you're unsure of a comment that you want to make during a game, it's best not to say it. Some women ask questions and make record-scratching comments causing all the guys to glance uneasily at one another. If you're not a sports fan, but you're attending the game, think of yourself as a first week employee in a business meeting. Guys are touchy about who they watch the game with, so gate crashers will be on their radars. Guys are happy to teach a woman about sports, as long as she truly wants to learn.

When a guy starts bringing his girlfriend to sports-watching sessions, it causes ripples across the group. Women who attend will be under the microscope. Some girlfriends declare they don't give a hoot about sports. They do their own thing while their guy watches sports. When a woman forces her way in, she won't be in good graces with the guys. But if she truly enjoys sports, or stays completely out of it, she'll be the apple of every guy's eye. Don't try too hard if you're not in to sports. If you want to be taught, you have to really want to be there. Don't be the med school student who just wants to make a lot of money. And don't horn in just because you don't want your boyfriend to do something without you.

How do you and your boyfriend handle sports? Are his friends easy to be with during sporting events? Are there any lady activities that you would compare to sports for guys? Are you touchy if your boyfriend wants to participate?

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