How You Can Seduce Anyone

How do you get a guy to fall in love (or into bed) with you?

Chinese-born actor Bai Ling, who most recently sexed up the small screen on Entourage, shares her best come-hither secrets — no booty shaking required.

1. Do the Slow Reveal. Seduction is an art. American men will ask you right away: "What do you do for a living? Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend?" They're very blunt. That's too easy. That's boring. They should take the time to see who you are. And you should slowly reveal who you really are.

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2. Flaunt Your Assets. If you love a part of your body, show it off. I like to wear short skirts, and I like to show my stomach — that works for me. Wear a favorite color. Wear a perfume that heightens your sexual senses. And don't wear too much jewelry; it's distracting. Most important, don't get caught up wondering, Oh, will he like this on me? He's not the driver, you are! If you're confident, he'll feel it.

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3. Don't Hide Your Apprehension. Having anxiety during a date isn't a bad thing. It shows your vulnerability. Intelligent guys like that. If you're nervous, there's a vibe there that can be kind of lovely, so don't try to cover it up. Don't think so much. That's when you start to get lost.

4. Pay Attention to Your Upper Body. On most dates, you're sitting down with a man, so seduce him with your upper body, your breasts, your shoulders. Also, smile! When you smile naturally, it makes you more attractive to others.

5. Avoid Playing Games. Playing hard-to-get is not being yourself. It's always best to be honest and show your heart. A lot of people play games, like when they say, "Oh, I'm going to be late. I've got another date" [to make you jealous]. That just doesn't work.

6. Be Generous with the Compliments. I think it's good to compliment a guy on anything you feel is really outstanding, because compliments generate a very positive environment. Besides, being appreciative is a very attractive trait in a person.

7. Repeat After Me: "I Am Beautiful." We are all, in our own ways, truly beautiful. If you love, respect, and accept your true self, your soul mate will find you. It's not about trying to look more beautiful. If you're trying too hard and feeling insecure, you'll lose yourself and your soul mate.

As told to Adena Halpern

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