Top 10 Date-Night Style Tips

Not sure what outfit to wear on that first date, as you're meeting his parents, or when he wants to take you on a "surprise" night out? We asked the experts for fashion and beauty suggestions for every occasion.


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    Casual Get-Together

    If he asks you to watch a football game at the neighborhood pub, you want to look the part while still maintaining your sense of style (read: no oversized team jersey). "A fabulous pair of jeans, great leather boots and a knit vest always work," Bryant says. "They're great for any occasion." Bouwer adds that a fitted sweater finished with a motorcycle jacket is a perfect look for a day date. "If it's cold, wear a draped scarf in a neutral color softly tied at chest level."
    Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (left); Rob Loud/Getty Images (right)
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