Watch 100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute

We've come along way — or have we?

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How did women's beauty evolve from Roaring Twenties flapper to #selfie-ready millenial? Long answer: ain't nobody got time for that. Short answer: A new YouTube video that shows how hair and beauty trends have changed over 100 years in one awe-inspiring minute. Throughout the video, one woman gets a different makeover inspired by each decade, think Edwardian curls and rosy cheeks in 1910, a tousled bob and cupid's bow in 1920, finger waves and a bright red lip in 1930, and so on. The video culminates with the woman, all dolled up with bombshell hair and fake eyelashes, snapping #selfies on her cell phone. Take that as you will. Enjoy the 60-second clip, below:

Lauren Valenti
Beauty Editor

Lauren is the former beauty editor at Marie Claire. She love to while away the hours at coffee shops, hunt for vintage clothes, and bask in the rough-and-tumble beauty of NYC. She firmly believes that solitude can be a luxury if you’ve got the right soundtrack—that being the Rolling Stones, of course.