Kylie Jenner Just Confirmed...Five New Autumnal Lip Kit Colors

And made her debut as a beauty vlogger.

The Kardashian-Jenner family keeps finding ways to stay in the news. With three babies rumored on the way (courtesy of Kylie and Khloe in rumor, with only Kim confirmed (opens in new tab)), can the famous family keep going about business as usual?

Absolutely. Meet Kylie Jenner, just your regular 20-year-old YouTube vlogger. (Although unlike most beauty vloggers (opens in new tab), she's sharing news about her own Kylie Cosmetics products.)

Kylie and her BFF Jordyn Woods didn't just decide to get into the vlogging business. Instead, they used it as a way to debut five brand new Kylie Cosmetics matte liquid lipsticks. Introducing: The Fall Lip Kits.

The five new shades have perfectly seasonal names: Libra (light, almost white pink), Autumn (a muted coral), Butternut (guess), Hazel (also guess), and Wicked (almost a royal purple).

So...why the YouTube debut? As Kylie explains, "Jordyn, actually, has never seen them before. Usually I show her all my colors. She's kind of my model, she tries on all my colors for me...But I kept these colors from her because I really wanted her first impression."

Of course, then the duo tried each shade on. Here's Autumn:

Kylie describes Butternut as "definitely one of the crazy ones, but I think it's kind of cool!" (As any good BFF should, Jordyn roasted her a little: "What, were you just like, eating squash soup and you were like, downing it, and you were like, hmm?") Anyway, it's a light yellow, an unexpected shade chosen for its unexpected...ness:

Wicked's rich purple really pops:

Libra, Jordyn declares, is not for her. But Kylie recommends that light light shade as part of an ombre lip:

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And then there's Hazel, which the gals both find complementary:

But wait, there's more! Per the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, also on the fall Kylie moodboard: "The Purple Palette," full of mystery eyeshadow colors. The surprises keep coming:

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