You Won't Recognize Taylor Swift's New Beauty Look

Buh-bye, blonde.

We never thought we'd see the day, but this morning we awoke to Taylor Swift (opens in new tab) as a brunette. On the cover of the latest issue of Wonderland (opens in new tab), Swift is practically unrecognizable, having traded in her blonde coif, in favor of a darker, wet-look chestnut shade. On the makeup front, she's sans her signature red lip, sporting more pronounced, brushed-up brows and a cheek-sculpting bronze glow. While you can't exactly characterize it as a makeunder, it shows off a more understated, broody side of Swift we've never seen before — and we kind of love it. Perhaps she channeled some of that "Blank Space (opens in new tab)," angst?

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Lauren Valenti
Lauren Valenti

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