Mad Men Beauty Recap: Sally's Bold Brows

And how to get them!

Sally is officially a teenager, with the angsty attitude and shopping habit to prove it. However, we couldn't help but notice she's sporting some seriously grown-up brows. They're well-kept, thick, and the perfect accessory for shooting Don a wary look.

Follow these three steps to to get it right every time:

1. Find the right powder shade and stick with it. We recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express For Brows.

2. Eyebrow gel is your best friend. It sets and defines your brows without fuss. We recommend MAC Brow Set.

3. Don't over-tweeze. This sounds obvious, but sometimes it's hard to tell when you're doing too much. Let the pros take it from here.

Check back in with us every week for our Mad Men beauty roundup and tips on how to get the look!

Photo Credit: AMC/Sephora

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