Beauty Products To Toss, Try & Buy

Our ultimate refresh-your-routine guide from MC's beauty editors.
TOSS: Last year's frothy-pink breast-cancer-support beauty goods.
TRY:Stocking up on a better, even worthier stash this year. Hey, it's for a good cause!
BUY: Too Faced Betsy Baby Duo Eyeshadow, $17, at Sephora--of which $6 goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
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TOSS: Old bottles of makeup-brush cleanser. Well-intentioned, but when was the last time you actually used one?
TRY: Portable brush wipes, which dole out just enough cleanser to disinfect without warping bristles.
BUY: Japonesque Pro Brush Cleaner Wipes, $18, presoaked with antibacterial but eco-friendly ingredients.
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TOSS: Your colorist's number on speed dial. You'll be shocked by how much you'll save when you stretch time between salon sessions..
TRY: Unfussy, at-home color-enhancing treatments to ramp up your single or double process instantly..
BUY: Ken Paves Healthy Hair Boost Up Platinum Color Drops, $40 each--add a few drops to any shampoo for extra shine and to refresh color.
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Jeffrey Westbrook
Toss, Try, Buy
TOSS: Your old-school manual toothbrush--or repurpose it for cleaning between your tiles, not your teeth.
TRY: A souped-up power brush that promises to make whitening and cleansing more effective--and chicer.
BUY: The sleek Oral-B Pulsonic rechargeable toothbrush, $69.99--a fave of home guru Jonathan Adler.
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