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Hairstyles in 15 Minutes or Less

Get great hair quick!
woman with long dark brown hair
Ben Goldstein
Get great hair quick! Salon looks faster than your morning commute!
woman with long dark brown hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook

For a sexy, sideswept look, work a texturizer through dry hair with a boar bristle brush.

Spray a little hairspray onto a vent brush and tease hair at the crown for a little extra height. Then grab that section and sweep loosely back to the side, fastening with a flower pin accessory.

Mist entire head with a light hairspray to keep the sexy, tousled look working hard all night.


TEXTURIZER like KMS California Hair Play Texture Blast, $16.

HAIR SPRAY like Dove Advanced Color Therapy Hair Spray, $5.

SHAMPOO like Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Shampoo for Wavy Hair, $9.49.

woman with long wavy brown hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Take curly hair from day to night by spritzing with a refreshing, enzyme-rich spray to bring back the bounce. Or use a little beachy spray.

Rake hair back with your fingers (to create lift) and fasten loosely with a small claw clip.

Finger-twirl a few of the loose pieces for extra polish.

REFRESHING SPRAY like David Babaii WildAid Bohemian Beach Spray, $11.95.

CLAW CLIPS like Goody Clips, $3.99.

SPRAY LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER like Alterna Hemp Spray Leave-In Conditioner, $20.
woman with straight light brown hair in a half updo
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Unwashed straight hair is the perfect foundation for this style. Run a little mousse through hair to give it some extra hold and volume.

Make a deep side part and tease the front section pulling it loosely back, over your ear instead of tucked behind it. Do the same with the other side.

Use a little styling cream on your ends and pull loose hair forward over your shoulder.

MOUSSE like Davines Defining System Volume Mousse, $22.99.

STYLING CREAM like Kérastase Nutri Sculpt, $29.00.

BRUSH like René Furterer Round Brush, $30.
woman with brown hair and long bangs
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
A combination of blow-drying and air-drying creates a great, balanced style. Use a little straightening balm and blow-dry heavier bangs so they lie straight.

Run a little anti-frizz through hair and let the rest air-dry while you do your makeup.

Shake hair with your fingers.

STRAIGHTENING BALM like Redken Straight Hair Straightening Balm, $16.

ANTI-FRIZZ like Garnier Fructis Leave-In Anti Frizz Serum, $5.99.

SPLIT-END REPAIR like Clairol Herbal Essences Long Term Repair Leave In Split End Protector, $3.99.
laughing woman with short hair and black hat
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
If your hair tends to get frizzy at the roots and flip out at the ends, use that to your advantage and rock a hat-keeping all the visible style in your ends. Take a large dollop of mousse and run it through towel-dried hair.

Roughly dry your whole head with a blow dryer.

Take a small-barrel curling iron and define face-framing bits. Then, after you put on your hat, rake your fingers through the curls to soften the look.

MOUSSE like Joico Firmwhip Design Foam, $16.

CURLING IRON like Remington Protect and Shine Curling Iron allows you to control the temperature settings so it never gets too hot, $16.99.

VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO like Phyto Volume Volumizing Shampoo, $24.
woman with straight blond hair curled under at the ends
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
This is a great look for unwashed, straight hair. Grab the section of hair right at the front of your crown, making sure not to pick up any of the side pieces. Backcomb it so you get some real lift. Then spray that section with a non-sticky hairspray and backcomb a little more.

Pull the section back and a little to the side and fasten it with bobby pins so the ends are sticking out but you're keeping the height at the roots.

STYLING CREAM Run a little styling cream through the sides of your hair so they don't look frizzy. Kérastase Nutri-Sculpt, $27.99.

HAIRSPRAY A good hairspray gives you hold but not helmet head. Alberto VO5 Brush Out Hairspray, $4.29.

BOBBY PINS to anchor your style like Vidal Sassoon Bobby Pins , $1.
woman with dark blond curly hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Mix a little leave-in conditioner and gel in your palm and then apply to damp hair.

Use a diffuser and work until hair is mostly dry, but not all the way — it's good to let a few curls dry on their own for a more natural texture.

A deep side part gives this style extra sexiness — it's a great way to give curly hair an evening-ready edge without actually doing anything to your hair.

LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER like Korres Natural Products Leave-On Conditioner, $19.50.

GEL like Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Scrunching Gel, $4.49.

CURL SHAMPOO like Kérastase Nutritive Curl Definition Shampoo, $31.99.
woman with shoulder length curly dark blond hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
If your hair is on the thin side-and curly, you want shine and control without the weight. Look for stylers without silicone and use leave-in conditioner sparingly on damp hair.

Flip head over and scrunch curls lightly with a towel. Finger-curl a few pieces to give definition, but avoid heat styling.

Finish off the look with hairspray.

LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER like Philip B Lovin Leave In Conditioner, $24.

NON-SILICONE POMADE like Aveda Anti-Humectant Pomade, $21.49.

CURL CONDITIONER like John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Around Conditioner, $5.99.
woman with long blond hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
This look is all about beachy ends and lift at the roots. Spray some volumizer all over your roots and quickly blow-dry aiming a nozzle right at your roots.

After towel-drying hair, wet with a beachy salt spray so you get a laidback, undone texture.

Flip head over and shake out your hair to distribute and activate the product.

BEACHY SPRAY like Frédéric Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves, $22.

SUPER ABSORBANT TOWEL for faster drying like Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel, $18.

VOLUMIZER like Sunsilk Daring Volume Volumizing Spray, $3.99.
woman with shoulder length blond layered hair and bangs
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Towel-dry hair vigorously and run conditioning styling cream through your hair and let it air-dry as you style your bangs.

Blow-dry your bangs with a round brush, making sure they're completely dry.

Run a tiny dab of shine serum over bangs to add a little polish to the look. If the rest of your hair isn't close to almost dry, attach a diffuser and quickly dry the ends.

STYLING CREAM like Pureology Nanoglaze Styling Cream, $33.

ANTI FRIZZ like Pantene Pro-V Smooth and Shine Anti Frizz Serum, $6.49.

DIFFUSER ATTACHMENTS like Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Diffuser, $8.
woman with long wavy blond hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Apply volumizing mousse to the ends of your hair while damp.

Work to really smooth the hair at the roots as you dry with a round brush. Then, scrunch and shake from the middle to the ends of your hair as you dry to get that extra texture.

Work a little texture cream into the ends to ramp up the piecey effect.

VOLUMIZING MOUSSE like Garnier Fructis XXL Volume Mousse, $3.99.

TEXTURE like Paul Mitchell ReWorks Texture Cream, $17.99.

BLONDE SHAMPOO like TRESemmé Color Thrive Shampoo in Blonde, $4.99.
blonde with long straight hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Getting a sexy tousled look with fine hair is a little more work, but definitely doable. Wash hair with a volumizing shampoo — skimp on the conditioner since you want healthy hair but don't want to weigh it down.

Spray volumizer all over and blow-dry hair fast and furious without a comb or brush, just shaking your fingers through to rough up the texture.

Once it's absolutely dry, use a bit of dry shampoo to ramp up the bedhead-y texture.

VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO like Kiss My Face Big Body Shampoo, $6.52.

VOLUMIZING SPRAY like TRESemmé Big Boost Root Spray, $4.49.

VOLUMIZING CONDITIONER like Joico Body Luxe Thickening Conditioner, $12.96.
woman with shorty curly black hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook

Shampooo with a sulfate-free formula once a week — it won't strip natural oils from your hair, which keep curls under control.

Half a dropper of organic hair oil on very damp hair keeps ringlets looking healthy especially during dry weather.

Layer a cocktail of leave-in conditioner and gel over and let hair air-dry.


HAIR OIL like Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil, $29.95.

SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO like Back To Basics Color Protect Shampoo, $11.99.

CURL GEL like Ouidad Climate Control Gel, $24.20.

blonde with long wavy hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook

Refresh slept-on curls with a few sprays of leave-in conditioner mist.

Tame flyaways with an anti-frizz serum. Work it through your hair and scrunch to reform curls.

Use a little mousse on the ends so they don't droop.


CONDITIONING MIST like Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner, $4.43.

ANTI FRIZZ like Sebastian Laminates Crema Styler Anti Frizz, $27.92.

MOUSSE like TRESemmé Curl Enhancing Mousse, $4.35.

brunette with short curly hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
A cropped pixie cut for curly textures looks so chic — but you need to use products that add a lot of moisture and shine to keep hair from puffing up. Even though hair is short, use a rich conditioner.

Run a cocktail of styling cream and gel through damp hair. If you can stand it, let your hair air-dry.

Otherwise, use a small round brush to smooth out the very front sections, then blow-dry brush-free on a very low setting.

STYLING CREAM like Rusk Str8 Lotion, $10.95.

CURL CONDITIONER like Deva Curl Conditioner, $37.

CURL GEL like Garnier Fructis Style Curl Scrunch Gel, $3.99.
blonde with medium length hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Use a color-enhancing shampoo to liven up your highlights and add shine.

Douse hair in volumizer and then blow-dry using a vent brush.

Add a little shine serum to the bangs and front layers to give them additional polish.

COLOR-BOOSTING SHAMPOO like Pantene Pro-V Color Revival Shampoo, $5.79.

VOLUMIZER like Amplify by Matrix Volumizing System, $16.49.

SHINE SERUM like Salon Selectives Smoothing Serum, $4.49.
blonde with long wavy hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
In the shower, go easy on the shampoo — the more natural oils left in your hair the better.

Steer clear of vigorously towel-drying and instead, blot hair so your bathroom floor doesn't end up covered in water.

Then cocktail equal parts gel and leave-in conditioner and coat damp hair in the mixture. Carefully and lightly scrunch hair (stopping a few inches below the root, so you get the top to lie flat). Air-dry, and keep your hands off since touching your hair creates frizz.

CURLY HAIR TOWEL like Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel, $16.99.

GEL like TIGI Bed Head Power Trip Hair Gel, $11.99.

LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER like Paul Mitchell The Conditioner, $16.99.
blonde with long straight hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
This look is all about layering products. Start with unwashed hair and apply some dry shampoo to your roots.

Work a texture cream through your ends — just a tiny bit to get an undone appearance.

To add a little volume to the rest of your hair, go for a mousse and work it haphazardly into dry hair. This look should seem naturally windblown, not styled, so don't try to get textures perfect.

DRY SHAMPOO like Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder, $19.

MOUSSE like Joico Firmwhip Design Foam, $16.

VOLUME SHAMPOO like Finesse Volumizing Shampoo, $4.29.
woman with long curly hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
To loosen natural curls, take a wide-toothed comb and rake some mousse through dry hair.

Then, grab a large-barreled curling iron and wrap different sized sections (1-3 inches) around the iron loosely. The heat will help cut down on the frizz. Don't do your entire head, just a few pieces.

Then, flip your head over and spray with hairspray.

MOUSSE like Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam, $19.99.

WIDE-TOOTH COMB like Scunci Style and Detangle Wide Tooth Comb, $1.99.

CURLING IRON like Infiniti By Conair Tourmaline Curling Iron, $28.99.
brunette with long straight hair and bangs
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook

A strong bang is so chic — and achievable if you have naturally thick hair. A quick flat iron with a tiny, bang-friendly version keeps them in line daily.

Run a conditioning styling cream through your hair and blow-dry halfway to cut down on frizz. Let hair air-dry the rest of the way so you get a smooth but imperfect texture.

You can skip shampooing the next day and refresh your style with a botanical conditioning mist.


MINI FLAT IRON like Warren-Tricomi Hot Iron, $90.

CONDITIONING MASK like Garnier Fructis Deep Conditioning Mask, $6.99.

REFRESHING SPRAY like Nexxus Moisturizing Leave-In Spray, $10.99.

brunette with short layered hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Run a wave-enhancing texture cream through damp hair.

Twist small sections around your finger and then wrap your head in a towel. Unwrap in 5 minutes and allow hair to air-dry the rest of the way.

When hair is completely dry, spray on some shine.

WAVE/TEXTURE CREAM like Short Sexy Hair Bulked Up Texture, $17.96.

ABSORBANT TOWEL like Aquis Microfiber Towel, $16.99.

SPRAY-ON SHINE like Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Spray, $10.50.
red head with medium length curly hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Deep-condition hair twice weekly—curls drink up extra moisture like a sponge.

Rinse hair lightly leaving a little conditioner in there—it’s a great base for styling thicker, more coarse textures.

“Rub a shine glaze together in your palms and distribute it evenly throughout your hair,” says NYC stylist Ouidad.

DEEP CONDITIONER like Burt’s Bees Hair Repair with Shea Butter and Grapefruit, $7.99.

SHINE GLAZE like Ouidad Shine Glaze, $17.

CURL CRÈME like Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious Crème, $30.
brunette with long straight hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Second-day hair is super sexy because your natural oils are restored and just the right amount of natural wave has come back.

Touch up the top layer of your hair with a flat iron but don't overdo it so your style looks deflated. Use the iron sparingly and only to work out any unsightly kinks.

Run a bit of styling cream mixed with a dab of texturizer through your hair. Flip your hair over and blast it with a little heat from your blow-dryer to activate the product. You're left with tousled perfection.

CONDITIONER like Thermasilk Volumizing Conditioner, $7.59.

STYLING CREAM like Pureology Nanoglaze Styling Cream, $33.

WAVE-ENHANCING CREAM like Charles Worthington Big Waves Definition Cream, $5.99.
woman with straight medium length hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook

Refresh your straight style by taking a shine serum and running it through your hair.

Use a flat iron on pieces in the front, pulling each section down and toward your chin to create a face-framing shape. Keep the heat setting at a medium level so you don't cause damage.

Spritz with a setting mist to fight flyaways.


SHINE SERUM like Motions At-Home Salon Smoothing Shine Serum, $5.99.

FLAT IRON like BaByliss Ionic Flat Iron, $85.

SETTING SPRAY like Matrix Biolage Thermal-Active Setting Spray, $15.49.

brunette with short layered hair and bangs
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Get a rocker-chic bob by keeping hair perfectly straight with a blow dryer and flat iron.

Then, add a little shine to the bangs to keep the look from getting too severe.

Offset the sleek bangs with a worked-over texture on your ends-matte and piecey with a little extra volume.

MATTE PASTE like Redken Rewind Styling Paste, $15.99.

SHINE BALM like Davines Defining System Shine Pomade, $27.99.

VOLUME SPRAY like Phyto Actif Volume Spray, $28.
brunette with layered medium length hair and bangs
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Get glossy shine with a silk-protein-spiked shampoo.

Use a shine-boosting style and work a generous amount from root to tip. Blow-dry using a natural boar bristle brush.

Finish with a hit of cold air from the dryer to seal the cuticle.

SHAMPOO like John Frieda Brilliant Brunette, $6.49.

SHINE SPRAY Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Star Shine Styling for All Hair Types, $12.49.

SHINE POMADE Got2b Define + Shine Pomade, $5.99.
woman with straight medium length black hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook

To keep hair from getting too oily, use a clarifying shampoo before styling so you're not layering new products on top of product buildup.

Keep product away from your scalp and work it through the rest of your hair.

Dry hair without using a brush, on a high power and heat. Use a tiny bit of pomade on your ends.


CLARIFYING SHAMPOO like Aubrey Organics Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo, $9.99.

SHINE SPRAY like John Frieda Frizz-Ease Shine Glossing Spray, $10.92.

ROOT LIFTER like Frédéric Fekkai Root Lifting Spray, $19.50.

two brunette women with straight hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook

If you have chemically treated hair you want to constantly replenish oils with deep conditioners that contain shea butter, olive or almond oils at least three times a week to avoid breakage.

Heat styling is a must if hair has been chemically relaxed, but don't overdo it since your hair is fragile. Only iron what is absolutely necessary, like face-framing strands.

Spritz hair with a moisturizing shine spray for heavy-duty gleam.


DEEP CONDITIONER like Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment, $55.

FLAT IRON like Babyliss Pro Natural Ionic Flat Iron, $169.

SHINE SPRAY like Biosilk Shine On, $13.

woman with long dark blond hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Show off beachy-blonde highlights with an easygoing, tousled look. A brightening shampoo to bring out your highlights, natural or otherwise, makes a huge difference. After towel-drying hair, spritz root to end with a salt spray to create natural, surfer-girl style.

Dab a little leave-in conditioner on the ends if they start to look fried or dry/dull.

BLONDE SHAMPOO like John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo, $6.49.

SURF SPRAY like Rebecca Bacon's Beach Bag Elixir, $25.

LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER like Warren Tricomi Pure Strength Leave-In Conditioner, $25.
brunette with wavy hair
Ben Goldstein
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Hairstyle Handbook
Coarse hair needs a great cut to keep it from getting unruly and puffy. Go for something that works with your natural wave and gives you a great overall shape.

Spritz towel-dried hair with a conditioning spray. Then, add a wave-enhancing mousse and scrunch lightly.

Let hair air-dry completely for best results.

CONDITIONING SPRAY like Back To Basics Sunflower Leave-In Conditioner, $11.99.

WAVE SPRAY like Frédéric Fekkai Wave Creating Spray, $19.50.

MOUSSE like Sunsilk Captivating Curls Mousse, $3.99.
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