Fashion Lovers' Must-Have: Bumble and Bumble's Stylish New Gaming App

With the trendy, new gaming app from Bumble and Bumble, you’ll learn tips and tricks for awesome hairdressing. Turn “overgrown mops into chic bobs and updos,” and experiment with looks of mayhem and madness to create some epic styles.

As if we didn't already love Bumble and bumble for their awesome hair products — from their curl definers to volume boosters to their famous Surf Spray — they've just made us love 'em even more.

With "Bumble and shuffle," the trendy new gaming app that the beauty brand just released, you'll learn tips and tricks for awesome hairdressing. You can turn "overgrown mops into chic bobs and updos," as well as experiment with looks to create some epic styles. All the while, you'll be racking up Bb tokens that you can use outside of cyberspace for product samples, shipping costs, and other fabulous freebies from the online shop.

While you're navigating the three hair-heaven "worlds" of the game, you'll also be treated to gorgeous illustrations by Bb's in-house artist Lauren Tamaki — further inspiration for any fashion lover looking for a fresh spring/summer look.

The game is available on the Apple app store for iPhone and iPad, so log on and channel your inner stylist! There is one risk we feel like we have to point out: This app may become highly addictive and cause deep desires to go on a Bumble and bumble shopping spree!