A Japanese Company Is Now Making Collagen-Infused Beer

Ah yes, now we can finally drink and anti-age at the same time!

If you've ever gotten a collagen facial and thought to yourself, "I wish I could get all the benefits of this hour-long beauty treatment while I'm simultaneously getting buzzed with my friends," then Precious, Japan's new collagen-infused beer, might just be for you.

According to Grub Street, Japanese brewing company Suntory announced on April 7 that they're releasing a new light beer that has 2 grams of collagen and 5% alcohol per can. While the idea is awesome, there's no working around the fact that the ad, which is directed at the "female market," is a little bit sexist. We'll let the logline speak for itself: "Guys can tell if a girl's taking collagen or not." Ahem.

You can check out the ad (which is in Japanese) here:

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