These 6 Apps Are Like Uber for Beauty

Forget a salon. These professionals come to you.


Finally booking a hair appointment. Running to said appointment. Waiting around in salon while your stylist finishes up with another client. Sitting in a chair, waiting for said appointment to be done so you can pick up your dry cleaning and run the other 34,093 errands you have to run. Waiting to pay. Driving home.

Stop the madness. It's time to get sh*t done, get your hair/nails/face did, *and* do it from the comfort of your own home (where you can multitask like no one's business). Because you're a celebrity grown-ass woman who doesn't have time, but who wants to look good. Here, a look at apps that send stylists/beauty pros straight to your home with a couple of clicks. Boom.


The app—which features hair, makeup, and now, manicure appointments—is one of the leaders in the game, available in LA, NYC, and Miami. You can book up to 30 days in advance, or as close as 90 minutes (NYC) or two hours (Miami) before your appointment.

Pros: The services are done in tandem, meaning less time in the chair for an updo and makeup application.

Cons: Mani/pedi appointments are only available in NYC.


Now available in New York, and already a household name in Houston, Atlanta, and Dallas, this app will book you a blownaway pro who will come to you to create customized blowouts and 'dos, do your makeup, and more. You can as quickly as 60 minutes before you need someone at your door. Easy.

Pros: Tip and tax are already included in the price, so you know exactly what the final payment will be on your credit card, plus you don't have to do some mental math equation/have money on you/look like an idiot. Yessss.

Cons: You can't pick your stylist.


This app, for the ladies of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, provides stylists who can do everything from blowouts to up-dos to airbrushing to lash application. They're like style ninjas.

Pros: You get to choose your own stylist (and the price is based off of the specific one you choose.) Plus, you can request a dry style that doesn't need you to have post-shower hair. (Perfect for running from the office to a party.)

Cons: It doesn't allow for same-day appointments.


Available in New York City, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, this app is often credited as one of the first in on-demand beauty apps. (OG status.)

Pros: Vensette trains all of their stylists to be done with an appointment in 45 minutes or less.

Cons: It's on the priciest side of all of the apps covered.


This app has stylists in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, NYC, and Orange County, making it one of the bigger networks.

Pros: You can choose your stylist (pending their availability).

Cons: Their stylebook is sometimes hard to see, but the stylists will work to provide any style you want.


Offered in San Francisco, LA, and San Jose, this style app lets you book a blowout, makeup application, updo, and even a massage!

Pros: They're *really* stringent about safety—they have a whole page dedicated to the background checks they put their stylists through.

Cons: Only on the West Coast.

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