Where Does Your State Fall on the Wrinkle Index?

New Yorkers, you really don't want to know.

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New York, we love you, but you're giving us wrinkles. Science says so.

When it comes to choosing a place, we've always considered the basics: weather, job opportunities, pulse of the city, cost of living, and, you know, late night takeout options.

The potential of a city to age us? It hadn't exactly crossed our minds. But after getting wind of a new study conducted by RoC, we'll be changing our tune, and perhaps, booking a one-way flight to Alaska AKA home to the Fountain of Youth.

Let us explain: RoC partnered with research firm Sperling's Best Places to determine the states that are most hazardous to skin based on lifestyle, occupational, and environmental factors. To do so, they analyzed influences that may increase or decrease one's likelihood for wrinkles and awarded each state a "wrinkle index," which measures the state's vulnerability to skin damage and premature aging.

Naturally, UV exposure was a major factor, but you might be surprised to learn how things like daily commute time and stress levels factor in—the proof is in the rankings.

The Most Eyebrow-Raising Results

1) New York is ranked #1 due to being "dissatisfied with life" and "lacking emotional support." Not to mention, has the second-longest commute time of all the states.

2) Sun-soaked states like Hawaii (#47), Mississippi (#31), and Louisiana (#29) have the lowest rates of skin cancer and are not even among the top 25 most wrinkle-prone states.

3) Washington D.C. is the quintessential middleman as it has the lowest rate of skin cancer, but feels the negative effects of ozone pollution, long work weeks, and binge drinking.

Courtesy of RoC

So, yes there's definitely something to all that location, location, location business, but the study offers up some solid solutions. For one, you should be looking into the critical factors that contribute to your states ranking, whether it's the concentrated pollution or a taxing work culture. And secondly, it's all the more reason to take protective and preventative measures by way of good skin practices and products—for which we are always here for you.

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