Kendall Jenner Parties Like an Antisocial Millennial in This New Estée Lauder Ad

Pray for the Youngs.

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Outwardly, manageable squad keeper Kendall Jenner's latest commercial seems to be about Mophies or pleading with the Youths to stop playing with their damn cell phones and talk to one another before we lose all ability to communicate in person. But it's actually for Estée Lauder, and is selling the idea that a new foundation dispenser may just be the kick in the pants you need to stop lurking in corners at parties. 

It would be *ideal* if they'd made a compact that could provide "8-hour wear at the push of a button" and function as a charger, but that might be too much to ask. Watch below as the foundation semi-literally gives Kendall life. 

P.S. Take it from someone who only used Kardashian-endorsed products for a week—this collaboration is not messing around.

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