This Fascinating Video Proves Well-Dressed People Can Gather Way More Money for Charity

As opposed to those sporting the sweatpants look.

We often say that life is just easier for people who are attractive, and it's true. There are countless studies that indicate that people who are traditionally good-looking are considered more trust-worthy, more intelligent, more employable, and make more money throughout their lifetime. But when it comes to donating money for a worthy cause, you would think that wouldn't matter, right? 

Wrong. BuzzFeed recently did a social experiment in which a girl named Yessica stands on the street trying to gather money for an LGBT charity with two different looks: glammed up and couch potato. 

Glammed up, she got a $10 bill from one guy. Dressed down, she got an elderly man tell her he could prove turkeys speak English. Glammed up, she made $26.70. Dressed down, she made $4.50. 

The video then makes the point that we are all superficial and need to work on not letting a subconscious bias affect the way we think. And while that is certainly true, it's also true that the experiment somewhat conflates attractiveness and personal hygiene. Yessica is obviously a very pretty girl, and wearing a little less makeup and baggy pants doesn't change that. What people would really seem to be judging, then, is how she chose to present herself, and how much visible effort she put into her look. Maybe "effortless" isn't really what it's all about after all?

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