All the Must-Watch Highlights from the Marie Claire Image Makers Awards

Forty-five seconds is all you need.

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Ask any strong, accomplished woman the secret to her success, and she will tell you about the small army of style geniuses who toil behind-the-scenes–the makeup artists, colorists and stylists who get her out the door looking fabulous. So last night, Marie Claire turned the spotlight on those Image Makers–the stars (behind the stars) of the red carpet–and honored them at the first annual Image Makers Awards event at the legendary Chateau Marmont in L.A. 

Major Hollywood talent (Lupita Nyong'oJessica BielJennifer GarnerKristen Stewart!) showed up to toast the artists and celebrate their extraordinary talent. The night was light on remarks and heavy on the champagne (as any good party should be) and we streamed the entire awards ceremony for you here.  

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Rosa Heyman
Rosa Heyman

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