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6 Beauty Looks You'll Definitely Be Wearing This Fall

You know, so you're prepared.

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It's officially fall, everyone. And while some of you may be getting excited about PSL everything and Halloween, we have to say we're most looking forward to chillier weather and a change of routine—at least, when it comes to our makeup. Here, an expert guide to all the trends you should be wearing starting now.

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1 Dark or Berry Lips

A "rich, velvety black plum lip" is a huge trend for fall, says Lori Taylor Davis, Smashbox Pro Lead Makeup Artist.

Birchbox Beauty Expert and YouTube star Tati Westbrook agrees. "Dark matte lips are a MUST."

If you're not looking to go full-on dark, berry stains will also be having a moment, says Angela Kim, founder of InsiderBeauty.com. "Shades from neutral cherries to slightly darker bordeaux-stained lips are here to stay."

2 Well-Defined Brows

"Gone are the days of thin, wispy arches—women are heavily favoring natural, bold, feather-like brows," says Kim.

Umbreen Sheikh, founder of Wink Brow Bar, agrees—though she notes a change in the trend: "We will be seeing a continuation of the fuller brow, but with a tapering at the end and a slight arch. Those that cannot have these brows naturally will be able to use brow extensions to create them."

Taylor Davis says it's not all about the shape: "It's also defined with texture and sheen."

3 Metallic Shadows in Earth Tones

"From Prada to Stella McCartney, metallic eyeshadows are making a huge comeback on the runways this fall," says Kim. "Many makeup artists opted for warm bronze tones which is great since it's flattering on almost every skin tone, as well as hair and eye color."

Taylor Davis agrees, and puts emphasis on the earthy tones. "The strongest trend will be for terra-cotta eye shadow as a wash of color around the entire eye, paired with mascara and no liner." (Try: Smashbox's Double Exposure Palette, $52)

4 Dewy Skin

"It's all about flawless, demi-matte skin with precise radiance on the high plains of the face," says Taylor Davis.

Kim agrees: "Fresh and translucent skin was prominent on all the runway models this fall. It was all about dewy skin, and healthy complexions with a luminous glow."

5 Graphic Eyeliner

"Graphic eyeliner, sometimes drawn into the crease as well as applied into the lash line, is a big trend for fall," says Taylor Davis.

6 And as for hair...

Though we've detailed this before, half top knots and top knots are NOT going away anytime soon. "These styles look great with sweaters and scarves and keeps the hair from tangling," says Scunci stylist Laura Polko.

Two other big trends, according to Headmasters from RPZL, Hair Extension and Blow Dry Bar: low, long pony tails with drastic side parts as well as tousled, wavy locks.

"Beach-y, undone hair is not done with summer," agrees Tati. "Update the look for the season by pairing an effortless 'do with strong fall colors."

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