The Wolf Cut Is the Biggest Hair Trend at Paris Couture Week 2024

This low-maintenance hairstyle works at every length.

girl with a wolf cut and pink hair
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I’ve had the same haircut for approximately, well, my entire life. Save a questionable lob haircut in middle school, it’s been all long layers and face-framing pieces. Yet, when Paris Couture Week rolls around every year, I feel compelled to reevaluate every hair choice I’ve made. Should I get French girl bangs? Shall I master a twisted chignon? This year, my nagging question is a bit more dramatic: Do I need a wolf cut to look like a chic Parisian?

While the past week certainly demonstrated a spike in shorter styles (think: pixie cuts, bixies, and bobs), cool-girl wolf cut chops reminiscent of the ‘70s certainly made their presence known in street style.

For the uninitiated, “a wolf cut is an edgy style, cut in short, shaggy layers, and combined with full, layered curtain bangs,” explains Rogerio Cavalcante, stylist and owner of The Second Floor Salon. Wolf cuts come in several breeds: I spotted shorter, summer-inspired wolf cuts on the menswear circuit, pink and red wolf cuts en route to shows like Schiaparelli and Balenciaga, and longer, shaggier styles ideal for the wolf cut novice (like me).


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The cut initially rose to popularity last fall, particularly among Gen Z, but its second life this summer shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. It’s low maintenance by nature and coincides with a versatility that aligns with any length, texture, or personality. “This trend embodies a young, care-free energy—it’s a vibe when you’re not taking yourself too seriously,” Cavalcante adds. “It’s also an androgynous look that’s very popular right now.”

To feel inspired by the many wolf cut variations Paris Couture Week had to offer—and score some free styling advice from Cavalcante—scroll ahead.

The Bob-Length Wolf Cut at Paris Couture Week

wolf cut at paris couture week

Heavy on the bangs, this chin-length wolf cut is a blend of a bob and a wolf cut.

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If you go for a super-short wolf cut, there's an obvious benefit: it looks good with essentially zero styling. “Just add some products with your hands and let it air dry or blow dry it,” says Cavalcante. “I like a hair mousse because it is ideal for creating cool, casual waves and curls as it adds volume and hold without leaving the hair feeling stiff.”

The Shaggy Wolf Cut at Paris Couture Week

wolf cut at paris couture week

If you want a more polished wolf cut, opt for curtain bangs instead of fuller, layered ones.

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“The wolf cut can vary from super short to long hair, but I prefer it when it's done on mid-length or short hair,” Cavalcante says. This particular example merges a chin-length bob with some subtle shag for a cut that is ideal for summer.

The Beginner-Friendly Wolf Cut at Paris Couture Week

wolf cut at paris couture week

You and your stylist will know this is a wolf cut—but it could pass as long layers just the same.

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If you’re contemplating a wolf cut, but aren’t quite sure if you’re ready for a big chop, ease into the experience. Styling will be a bit more labor-intensive with a longer wolf cut, but the grunge aesthetic can remain. “You can use a round brush and blow dryer, rotating the brush inwards when drying hair to show off the layers and create the shaggy look people like,” says Cavalcante. “Add some salt spray for texture, and you will be ready to go.”

The Boldest Wolf Cut at Paris Couture Week

wolf cut at paris couture week

The most traditional version of wolf cut can be even more exciting. Just dye it your favorite color.

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If you really want to make a statement, get a wolf cut—and dye your hair a fun color. Pinky peach tones are trending right now and look flattering across skin tones.

The Textured Wolf Cut at Paris Couture Week

wolf cut at paris couture week

A wolf cut on curly or coily hair will add more volume to your style—while simultaneously defining your curl pattern.

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“Most hair types and textures can pull off this style, but it's important to consider the specific characteristics of each,” explains Cavalcante. “For coily hair, you’ll have a different effect, one with more flow and shorter layers to complement the natural hair texture.” Make sure you use a humidity-fighting curl cream for best results.

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