Beyoncé Gives Baby Bangs a Whirl

A trip to Europe will do that to you.

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We always thought the secret to pulling off baby bangs was a mix of Gallic heritage, being named Léa or Audrey (preferably Tautou or Hepburn), and having a Prada campaign under your belt. Little did we know all these rules fly out window when you're dealing with Beyoncé.

As she, Jay, and baby Blue prepared to leave Paris after getting up close and personal with the Mona Lisa like "normal tourists," Bey took her never-before-seen coiffure out for a spin. Brunette and blunt, the Queen's new fringe ends a few inches north of her arches—the better to show off her eyes, bien sûr.

If the singer is, as we suspect, adapting her 'do for each country she visits on her European holiday, we can't wait to see how her hair will fare at her next stop: London.

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