Watch: Beyonce's Haunted Video

The singer's second music video this week premieres online.

The first we heard of Beyoncé's latest track, Haunted, was when it debuted as the soundtrack to the new Fifty Shades of Greytrailer earlier this month. But now, the full video has dropped ...

The release was part of a mammoth batch of 14 videos to launch on her Vevo channel last night, following the unveiling of 7/11 earlier this week - but Haunted couldn't be more different. While the former showcased the singer's fun side (cue twerking, jumping on the bed, dancing with her friends), this latest offering is decidedly more slick, sexy and, well, scary. The 33-year-old takes us on a tour of a haunted house, in which she encounters all manner of spooky happenings. There's also lots of lingerie (which, considering the Fifty Shades link, is hardly surprising).

Watch the full video below. Warning: not for those of a nervous disposition...

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