The 10 Most Scandalous Things That Happened to Kendall Jenner in 2014

From posing nude to dinner dates with Justin Bieber.

2014 is basically the year of Kendall Jenner, who has officially solidified her status as an in-demand model. If you disagree, just remember that Kendall walked New York Fashion Week and scored an Estée Lauder campaign. She's a big deal now. HUGE. Alas, with all of this attention comes a ~*sCaNdAl*~ or two. (Or 10.) Here are Kendall's most scandalous moments of 2014.

1. When she flubbed her lines at the Billboard Music Awards. She almost introduced 5 Seconds of Summer as One Direction and ended with "Guys, I'm the worst reader."


2. When she wore this dress to the MuchMusic Video Awards. It had two slits.

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3.When she posed topless for LOVE magazine. No clothes in sight, save for a nice furry hat.

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4. When she wore lingerie and tights for a shoot. Kendall also admitted she couldn't wait to shoot nude photos.

5. And when her wish was granted. Kendall posed naked for this sultry shoot with photographer Russel James' book AngelsNaturally, rumors started to swirl that Kendall might walk the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

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6. When Justin Bieber nuzzled her. Make of it what you will.

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7. When her nipples were the only thing that mattered at Marc Jacobs. Her bleached eyebrows were pretty notable, too.

8a. That time she went on a dinner date with Justin Bieber in Paris. She was in France for Paris Fashion Week, and The Biebs flew out with on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez — except Selena wasn't invited to date night. Kendall-is-breaking-up-Selena rumors obviously followed.

8b. When the Kendall/Justin/Selena love triangle hit its peakApparently, after Justin and Kendall's romantic dinner date, Selena wouldn't take pictures with Justin at a fancy party they went to, and it was all poor Kendall's fault.

9. When she called out a photographer on Instagram for his up-skirt shot. Mess with Kendall and you mess with her 16.4 million followers.

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10. When another model wrote a very harsh open letter to Kendall, accusing her of only being a famous model because of her famous last name. It's fine though, Kendall will just add her name to her burn book.

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