BREAKING: Beyoncé and Kate Middleton Just Met

And somehow the Internet is still up and running.

It happened, and somehow the Internet is still up: Beyoncé and Kate Middleton were in the same place at the same time. Everybody breathe.

Prince William and Duchess Kate were just about everywhere in New York City during an official visit Monday. They hung out at Barclays Stadium for a charity dinner, and then watched the Brooklyn Nets take on the Cleveland Cavaliers after halftime. Guess who else was there, sitting across the court? Bey and Jay, of course.

It made sense for all four to be there, aside from the epic photo op. Prince William's charity, United for Wildlife, has a new partnership with the NBA, while Jay Z owns a small stake in the Barclays Center. But for some reason, America's royals weren't sitting courtside next to the visiting Brits. Prince William decided to sit next to basketball legend Dikembe Motumbo instead.

Here are Bey and Jay, sitting all by their lonesome.

But hallelujah - they met! Hopefully they plotted world domination, or at least a Blue Ivy-Prince George marriage.

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Megan Friedman

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