These New Photos of Taylor Swift Goofing Off at Her Friend's Wedding Are Glorious

Ugh, why isn't Taylor Swift a bridesmaid in our imaginary wedding?

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Taylor Swift was a bridesmaid (opens in new tab) in her childhood best friend Abigail Anderson's wedding over Labor Day Weekend, and a new slew of photos just hit the internet. While we've already seen Taylor escorting Abigail (opens in new tab) into the church, these photos go behind the scenes of the wedding—including an official portrait, and Taylor goofing off with her fellow bridesmaids (swipe on the Instagram!).

There's also a sweet photo of Taylor reacting to Abigail's first kiss as a married woman, and a bunch of posed photos of Taylor resting her head on her friend's shoulder.

Meanwhile, you can check out a clip from Taylor's bridesmaid speech below:


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