This Is How Lady Gaga and Gigi Hadid Are Supporting Each Other Through Gaga's Illness

Grab a tissue.

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It may seem like an unlikely friendship, but Lady Gaga and Gigi Hadid just proved their bond publicly on Instagram for the world to see.

Last month, Gaga announced that she was canceling the European leg of her world tour due to her ongoing struggle with fibromyalgia. She broke the news in an emotional Instagram post.

Now, Gigi Hadid, who, according to W magazinehas been friends with the singer since 2015, is taking to social media to show her support for Gaga. On Sunday, Gigi posted a picture of a handwritten note on Instagram, along with a caption supporting her friend.

"Even through your time of healing you lift others, @ladygaga. It takes courage and strength to let people in on what you're experiencing & coping with (in real time!), let alone to not cut the world out. Thank you. You help and inspire so many! ❤️ #notalone," she wrote.

Gaga responded with an Instagram post of her own, in which she sported a Gigi Hadid hat from the model's Tommy Hilfiger collection, because they're that close.

Now this is how friends should support each other.

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