Bella Hadid Might Be Dating Drake, and Her Mom Was Just Asked About It


Bella Hadid recently celebrated her birthday, and who threw her a party? That would be Drake. As in, Rihanna's ex-boyfriend. Or, as some know him, the man who once did this:

Naturally, the internet is now convinced Bella and Drake are dating, so Andy Cohen (lord bless him) asked Bella's mom Yolanda Hadid all about it during an appearance on his show Watch What Happens Live! Their conversation (in the clip above) went a little something like this:

Yolanda: "Are you kidding! What are we [doing] here?"

Andy: "He threw her a big 21st birthday party last night!"

Yolanda: "He did? Really?"

Andy: "You were there!"

Yolanda: "Oh, I didn’t know that."

Andy: "Are they together?"

Yolanda: "I mean, they’re friends!"

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Andy also asked Yolanda whether Bella still cares about The Weeknd dating Selena Gomez, and she said, "Not anymore I think," so consider the matter settled.

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