Why Everyone Thinks Kylie Jenner Is Doing a Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

So here for this.

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Today in Kardashian-Jenner conspiracy theories, fans are convinced that Kylie Jenner revealed the gender of her baby with a manicure. The incriminating photo in question?

This picture, which Kylie posted to tease her "shoot day" has some fans in the comments convinced that Kylie is planning a gender reveal shoot. As E! (opens in new tab) notes, one fan commented, "Soooo maybe it's a girl? Maternity shoot?" while another said, "I bet it's pink for gender reveal."

It should also be noted that butterflies have been important in Kylie's relationship with Travis Scott (the father of her baby). They got matching butterfly ankle tattoos over the summer, and Scott gave Jenner a butterfly chocker for her birthday.

So far, Kylie hasn't even confirmed her pregnancy, so this is highly speculative.


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