Taylor Swift Documenting Her Traditional Trip to Target Is the *Actual* Best

TFW Taylor Swift wanders into Target when you're buying toilet paper.

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Reputation is finally out, so Taylor Swift did what any other person eager to buy a hard copy of her music would do: she went to the store and bought it. In a pretty epic series of Insta Stories—even by Taylor's standards—the star explained to fans (and her cat) that she'd be taking her traditional trip to Target in order to buy Rep:

She headed in with a crew of friends (hi, Clare, Eliotte, Mel, and Kamilah), who also happen to be her backup dancers:

Obviously, once there she was surrounded by fans, and took time to take photos with everyone:

So next time you find yourself in a Target buying, IDK, a decorative lamp or some tampons, please look your most Instagram-ready because Taylor Swift could be lurking.


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