Ed Sheeran Responds to the Theory That Taylor Swift's Sexiest Song Is About Him

TBH, his comment kind of makes us think they dated?

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Certain corners of the internet are convinced that "Dress," also known as the sexiest and most explicit song on Taylor Swift's new album, is about Ed Sheeran.

It's pretty clear that this isn't at all true, but fans point to lyrical references to "shape of you" and "tattoos," which obviously Ed has in abundance. That said, the singer just put rumors to bed—but his comments are...interesting.

"I don’t think it is [about me]," he said during an interview with AugustMan. "I think if you read into it...it’s not...you know, because she mentions someone with a buzzcut haircut, and I’ve never had a buzzcut haircut."


Sheeran could have easily shot this down by saying they never dated, so it's interesting that he honed in on the haircut thing as proof. Obviously, the possibility of an Ed + Taylor romance is enough to said anyone spiraling, so we'll give you a moment.

FYI, it should be noted that earlier this year, Ed said "There wasn't any truth to [the rumors] whatsoever."


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