Tiffany Haddish Went to Dinner at Taylor Swift's House and Came Away with Fun Facts

The most Taylor Swift-y Taylor Swift story ever.

Tiffany Haddish, otherwise known as the greatest of all time, was recently invited to Taylor Swift's house for dinner thanks to the fact that they met and bonded on Saturday Night Live. And naturally, fans want to know what went down during that sure-to-be-iconic bonding session.

While on Watch What Happens Live, Tiffany was asked to name one thing she found out about Taylor Swift during dinner that no one else knows, and she responded with the most on-brand-for-Taylor fact ever: "She has those old school 1980 polaroid cameras all over and she takes lots of pictures and makes these really beautiful collages."

Yep, sounds about right.

Also cute, here's the story of how they met: "When she came in [to SNL], she came immediately into my room and was like, 'I love your comedy, I've been watching you, I know all your stuff,' and she starts quoting jokes from ten years ago. I was like, 'Oh I like this bitch.'"


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